YANA have recorded their live album!


YANA is a trio of Joshua Blackmore, Corey Mwamba and Dave Kane, three respected and cherished musicians on the jazz and improvisation scenes in the UK. They have an incredible communication as a trio, testament to a decade playing together and their sense of brotherhood.

Their incredible communication means that the music flows with magical ease, providing accessibility in fantastic grooves and improvised melodies that can often sound composed. It really is pure magic created through virtuosity, a shared aesthetic and unbelievable mutuality.

They recorded their live album last week at the Voicebox in Derby, where Mwamba is Derby Jazz programmer and a local music advocate. 13920219_10153887926857689_2910338149438294030_o

YANA will be releasing a 10-year anniversary LP with Two Rivers Records in 2017. We are privileged and honoured to have YANA on our roster.

August 13, 2016


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