“Everybody’s always changing. No-one wants to give themselves away.”

We are privileged to announce the signing of Jihad Darwish, a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist who has performed with Sting, Gilles Peterson, Zara Mcfarlane, Moses Boyd, Eliot Sumner and Beth Rowley.

Stepping out of the shadows and into the light, Darwish delivers the peak of what writing pop music with an extensive jazz education could sound like; only further elevated by his inner-city Hackney upbringing and love of urban sounds.

A risk-taker from his head to his toes, his emotional rawness and vulnerability juxtaposed against obvious virtuosity and layers of musical complexity is addictive. In fact, this album is one of beautiful juxtapositions – the personal being and the political existence, contentment and longing, desire and rejection.

This album will make your chest swell, you’ll find yourself holding your breath, biting your lower lip, fighting with desire, thinking of the person you can’t have, thinking of the person you can’t let go, remembering the past in technicolor. It will move your body and transport your soul.

This album brings lyrical depth, a stunning vocal tone, world-class improvisation, seamless moving textures like shifting sands in the wind, each time revealing hidden secrets that make your heart just stop, breathless.

Deep. Pop.

Debut album out Spring 2017

May 14, 2017


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