Kenneth Dahl Knudsen


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is a Danish bassist and composer. His next album, We’ll Meet in the Rain, will be released in May 2016 and featured 19 of Europe’s most notable up and coming musicians.

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  • Martin Powell says:

    A bit after the fact – it’s me age and infirmity!! – but I’d like to say what a MONSTROUS album We’ll meet in the Rain truly is. It really does get better with every listen. I’ve seen references elsewhere to attempts at music for cinema – well I’m not at all sure it’s as purposeful as that, more that is it just SOOO good – composition and performance – that it is easily good enough to adorn the visual detritus emanating from Hollywood these days. A Stupendous album of Jazz!!

  • Alya Marquardt says:

    Thank you Martin for your lovely words!

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